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Nimonic 86

Nimonic 86

NIMONIC alloy 86 features excellent workability, ductility, weldability, and creep strength with remarkable cyclic oxidation resistance at 1050°C. This solid solution type material is designed primarily for elevated temperature applications.

Equivalent grades

• Nimonic 86
• Alloy 86

Chemical Composition Reference


Physical Property Reference

• Density: 8.54 g/cm³

• Tensile Strength: 825 MPa

• Yield Strength: 410 MPa

• Modulus of Elasticity: 210 GPa

• Elongation at Break: 42%

Stock & Dimensions

Our warehouse has a large number of stock to provide you with a variety of products in different sizes, and can also customize the size according to your needs.
• Bar: 0.5~600mm Diameter
• Coil: 0.5~150mm Thick
• Plate: 0.5~200mm Thick
• Pipe: 6~630mm External Diameter; 0.5~40mm Wall Tick
• Available in specific sizes

Product Forms

We provide you with a variety of product forms, including but not limited to:
• Bar/Rod
• Pipe/Tube
• Coil/Strip
• Plate/Sheet/Circle
• Wire
• Fitting (Flange, Elbow, Tee...)
• Customize

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Nimonic 86

Essential details
NIMONIC® alloy 86 has been developed to provide a material with good workability, ductility and weldability, high creep strength and exceptionally good cyclic oxidation resistance at 1050°C.

The alloy is of the solid solution type and it is intended principally for use in high temperature applications such as gas turbine combustion chambers, afterburner parts and heattreatment furnace equipment.


- Gas turbine engineering

- Industrial furnaces

- Combustion chambers

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