Shanghai Ninesteel Materials Group Co., Ltd

Ninesteel is a comprehensive metal material enterprise integrating purchasing, processing, distributing, direct-selling, transporting and warehousing. Since the establishment, we have been focusing on the intensive cultivation of the special steel supply chain. With large numbers of made-to-stock and bonded warehouses in all parts of the country, we could purchase nearby as need. Having maintained good cooperative relations with large and medium mills or suppliers home and abroad, we possess all-round and multi-channel purchase resources.

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Main business: Nickel-based alloy, Hastelloy, Super Austenitic stainless steel, Duplex stainless steel, Carbon Steel, Cobalt-based alloy, High Nickel Alloy Steel, titanium and titanium alloys, heat-resistant or corrosion-resistant alloys, aluminum alloys and other steels, with a wide range of products, to meet the individual needs of required length, required thickness, required mould and so on.

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Product standard: (UNS) ASTM/ASME, AMS, DIN/EN, (SUS) JIS and other standards, also with original material certificates. Our products are manufactured strictly according to the standards and technical requirements provided by customers to ensure the quality and specification of the products. From raw materials to semi-finished products to finished products, after three quality inspections, the qualified yield is guaranteed. Though the quality of Ninesteel has repeatedly accepted by customers of world-renowned companies, we strive for excellence in every detail to ensure that our products in different countries and regions can possess consistent high quality.


Application Area: The products we supply are widely used in nuclear power, petrochemical, mechanical engineering, precision machining, aerospace, electronic instruments, medical equipment, automobile manufacturing, environmental protection, wind power applications, seawater desalination, shipbuilding, papermaking machinery, mining engineering, cement manufacturing, metallurgical manufacturing, corrosion-resistant environment, high-temperature environment, tooling and moulding, etc., thus, making us an important supplier of special metal materials in many industries. In the past twelve years, Ninesteel's excellent marketing solutions have helped to set up milestones in many fields. Ninesteel has become a new benchmark in the field of metal circulation.


Our Mission: Over the years, Ninesteel has strived hard and forged ahead, and never stopped moving forward in the development of special alloys. It has successfully completed the adjustment and combination of business philosophy, management system, product quality, etc., and successfully realizing product branding, business integrity, and goal internationalization, interpreting the new concept of Shanghai Ninesteel Materials Group Co., Ltd in the special steel market, driving the development of the domestic steel industry and making continuous contributions to the development of the national economy.

 The task of Ninesteel is to provide customers with the highest quality products