Economic Benefits and Environmental Protection

Ninesteel is a well-known enterprise in China. We have 25 years of development in steel smelting, has mature and complete production equipment and process system, and sells steel products from overseas countries. It has been unanimously recognized and praised by the surrounding countries in terms of quality.


In addition to strict control on the quality of steel, Ninesteel also pays great attention to environmental protection. In the development process of steel production and manufacturing, Ninesteel has continuously adjusted its industrial structure, changed its production mode to resource-saving, and realized the sustainable development of economic development and environmental protection. In terms of environmental protection, Ninesteel has formed its own energy conservation and emission reduction measures by continuously learning the technology of advanced enterprises. Specific measures are as follows:

1. Treatment of wastewater. For different types of waste water produced in the process of steelmaking, Ninesteel has specially set up a high-level waste water treatment station to filter and process the water in various production links to form production water that can be recycled, thus realizing the reuse of waste water and reducing the pollution of waste water to the environment.

Treatment of wastewater

2. Waste gas treatment. In order to reduce the pollution of harmful gases to the environment in the process of steel production, Ninesteel has purchased a large number of waste gas treatment facilities and desulfurization equipment to reduce the generation of waste gas in the process of steel production, so that the gas can be recycled, achieve recycling and reduce energy consumption.

Waste gas treatment

3. Disposal of waste residue. There must be waste slag after the end of steel production. Due to the different types and components of waste slag, there are different treatment methods for different waste slag. Through further decomposition, raw materials that can be reused can be decomposed for recycling and reproduction. The rest of the waste residue that cannot be used can be combined with the materials required by other industries after special treatment, so as to achieve full recycling of the waste residue.

In the development process of Ninesteel, Ninesteel has always adhered to the concept of sustainable development, put ecological environment protection in the first place, continuously improved production techniques, improved production efficiency, and achieved a harmonious and unified production mode of low emissions, high quality, and high efficiency.