Monel 400 vs Monel K500

Monel 400 vs Monel K500

Monel 400
Monel 400 alloy, as a corrosion resistant alloy with excellent comprehensive properties, has the largest consumption and the widest use. Its microstructure is single-phase austenite, which is a high-strength single-phase solid solution. It has excellent corrosion resistance, specifically in hydrofluoric acid, hot concentrated lye and fluorine gas medium. In addition, it is also resistant to corrosion of neutral solution, water, seawater, atmosphere, organic compounds, etc. An important feature of this alloy is that it generally does not produce stress corrosion cracks and has good cutting performance. The alloy is mainly used for valve stems, pump shafts and impellers, conveyor scrapers, oil well drill rings, elastic parts, valve pads, etc.

monel 400/monel k500 pipe


Monel K500
Monel K500 alloy has excellent mechanical properties such as high strength, corrosion resistance and non-magnetism. It can be used as a pump shaft material and work under the geological conditions of relatively poor high-sulfur and high-wax oil reservoirs. In addition, because the alloy has no plastic-brittle transition temperature, it is very suitable for various low-temperature equipment. This alloy can be used in petroleum, chemical shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, electronics and other industries. It is mainly used as pump shaft and valve rod, conveyor scraper, oil well drill ring, elastic parts, valve pad, etc.

monel 400 vs monel k500
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