Incoloy 825

Incoloy 825

Incoloy 825 is a general engineering alloy with copper and molybdenum added. It is an all austenitic nickel iron chromium alloy stabilized by titanium.

The high nickel content of Ni Fe Cr alloy enables it to maintain good resistance to acid and alkali metal corrosion under various oxidation and reduction environments. In addition, nickel of nickel base alloy also makes it have stronger corrosion resistance than ordinary austenite in chloride environment, and copper and molybdenum also increase their corrosion resistance in reducing environment.
1. Good oxidation resistance and non oxidation
2. Good mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature up to 550 ℃
3. Good stress corrosion cracking resistance

Chemical composition:






38.0 – 46.0


0.05 max


19.5 – 23.5


1.0 max


2.5 – 3.5


0.03 max


1.5 – 3.0


0.5 max


0.6 – 1.2


0.2 max


22.0 min (~33%)

Process performance and requirements:
1. The source of impurities can be water, lubricating oil, paint, chalk or fuel for marking. Secondly, the sulfur content of fuel shall be low, such as the impurity content of liquefied gas and natural gas shall be less than 0.1%, and the sulfur content of urban gas shall be less than 0.25g/m ³, The sulfur content of petroleum gas shall be less than 0.5%.

2. The hot working temperature suitable for Incoloy 825 alloy is 1150-900 ℃, and then water quenching or rapid air cooling can be used.

3. Manual sub arc welding, MIG welding, tungsten inert gas welding, plasma arc welding and metal inert gas welding are used, among which pulse arc welding is the preferred option.
incoloy 825 plate/sheet


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