How to repair stainless steel scratches

How to repair stainless steel scratches

Generally, the surface of ordinary stainless steel is scratched, which can be polished back and forth with a belt sander to make a wire drawing shape and improve the surface. If it is a brushed stainless steel, as long as the scratch is not too deep, it can be partially covered by regrinding. If it is a mirror stainless steel, it may be more troublesome. Either do not use the scratched part any more, or re polish it, and then use a special polishing tool to repair it.


Here are some specific repair methods for different scratches:

1. Polishing method is adopted for bright surface repair, and polishing wheels with different mesh numbers are used for repeated polishing.

2. Sand blasting method is used to repair the matte surface, which requires professional equipment.

3. The repair of wire drawing surface also requires professional equipment and then passivation treatment.

4. Slight scratches and mirror surface shall be polished with polishing wax.


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