How much do you know about ferritic stainless steel?

How much do you know about Ferritic Stainless Steel?


The matrix structure of ferritic stainless steel is ferrite with one centered cubic lattice, and its chromium content is between 12% and 30%.



It is characterized by large thermal conductivity, small expansion coefficient, excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and chloride corrosion cracking resistance.



According to its chromium content, ferritic stainless steels can be divided into low chromium stainless steels, medium chromium stainless steels and high chromium stainless steels. And According to the purity of steel, especially the content of carbon and nitrogen impurities, it can be divided into ordinary ferritic stainless steel and ultra pure ferritic stainless steel.



In the harsh areas close to the sea, where the suspended particles from the sea and air are highly corrosive, it is extremely necessary to manufacture parts that are resistant to atmospheric, steam, water and oxidative acid corrosion. Because ferritic stainless steel has good atmospheric corrosion resistance, it plays an important role in building roofs and curtain walls. Ferritic stainless steel plays an important role in automobile exhaust emission control system because of its good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and formability.

Ferritic stainless steel bar
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