Monel introduction: History and Applications

Do you really know Monel

Monel alloy is a solid solution binary alloy composed of 30% copper and nickel elements. It is a single-phase alloy. No matter what proportion of copper and nickel are mixed, they can dissolve each other. Monel is invented by Robert Crooks Stanley in 1905. Monel alloy was patented in 1906 and named after Ambrose Monel.


Who is Robert Crooks Stanley?

Stanley was born on August 1, 1876, in Little Falls, New Jersey. In 1901, he joined International Nickel Industry. Through his continuous efforts, he became the chairman of the International Nickel Industry in 1937. He used his wisdom and constantly improved the production process to continuously refine nickel, making it known and valued by factories and ordinary people around the world. His company also occupies an important position in the metal industry.

Monel pipe/tube


What are some specific applications of Monel?

Monel alloy was first used in the British army in 1900, when it was used to make armor. After World War I, because of its excellent corrosion resistance, this material plays an important role in the manufacture of warship components. With the continuous progress of technology, this material is also used to manufacture other mechanical components, such as aircraft landing gear and aircraft engine blades.

Monel applications


Monel is also used as a decorative building material. It is often used for the movable parts of kitchen sinks and brass instruments, as well as the strings of guitars and other stringed instruments and some rotor valve piston materials of various sizes. From the previous description, we know that the main components of Monel alloy are copper and nickel. Because copper and nickel are two different elements that are incompatible with each other, they can only be dissolved by adding an intermetallic compound to them. Therefore, in order to enhance their corrosion resistance, Monel alloy is usually used together with stainless steel or nickel alloy.


Then common intermetallic compounds, such as Fe-Al intermetallic compounds and Ni-Al intermetallic compounds. When copper and nickel form solid solution at high temperature, they will form this compound. Like many other single-phase alloys, Monel alloy is composed of two or more continuous solid solutions, which cannot maintain its original form. However, Monel alloy will deform during forging or hot rolling, and many new solid solutions will be formed after deformation. These new solid solutions can harden the alloy. With the continuous heating, these solid solutions are precipitated from the grain boundary, so that the material can achieve the strengthening effect.

Monel applications 2
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