Nickel alloy steel supply

About Nickel Alloy Steel

Nickel-based alloy, a high-alloy stainless steel containing high nickel, high chromium, and high molybdenum. That is, the content of nickel is the highest, usually more than 50%, such as Monel, Hastelloy B, C series, etc. A class of alloys with comprehensive properties such as high strength and certain oxidation and corrosion resistance at high temperatures of 650 to 1000 °C, which are often used in high-temperature equipment parts.

Nickel alloy bar

Representative materials for nickel-based alloys:

1. Incoloy alloy, such as Incoloy 800, the main components are: 32Ni-21Cr-Ti, Al, it is a heat-resistant alloy.

2. Inconel alloys, such as Inconel 601, are mainly composed of: 73Ni-15Cr-Ti, Al,heat-resistant alloys.

3. Hastelloy alloy, such as Hastelloy C-276, the main components are; 56Ni-16Cr-16Mo-4W; Corrosion-resistant alloy.

4. Monel alloy, such as Monel 400, the main component is; 65Ni-34Cu; Corrosion-resistant alloy.

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